Diving, floating, caves with stalagmites and bats, Sunset with macaws and more in Serra do Tombador, Mato Grosso.

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“...seu futuro é de grandeza

tu és, Nobres, a princesa

da Serra do Tombador”

This is how the official anthem of Nobres begins, municipality of Mato Grosso located in Serra do Tombador amid treasures carved by nature, such as waterfalls, caves and archaeological sites, some of them pristine!

Located 120 km from Cuiabá, capital of the State, Nobres became an important ecotourism destination and there you can dive, go horseback riding, go on a canopy tour and become mesmerized by the ancient cave paintings.

But to know if the city really does deserve the title of Serra do Tombador’s princess, there's only one way: visiting it. And believe us, whatever your verdict is, you won't regret it.

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Day 1
Mesmerizing landscapes and Sunsets

Ready for the first day of adventures? The tour begins at Recanto Ecológico da Lagoa Azul, where Aquário Encantado (Charming Aquarium) is located -- its name says it all. I mean, almost all. It is a natural aquarium, but you don't have to watch just from the outside. Here, you can dive among thousands of fish and float on the crystal-clear waters of the Salobra river. There are also activities for the bold, such as the zip-line with 60m that ends in the water and diving to the bottom of the river. All very safe, with the monitoring of guides. The aquarium is located about 60 km from Nobres.

Nearby is Lagoa das Araras (Lake of the Macaws) and its landscape which is completely different from the previous one. The vegetation is characteristic of swamp, with many palm trees that lose their top vegetation and have hollow stems. An ideal environment for the birds of the region, mainly macaws, which make their nests there. The setting is perfect for watching the beautiful Sunset with the sky full of macaws.

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Day 2
Trails leading to beautiful places

Tired of so much beauty? We hope not, because we still have a lot of amazing landscapes to see in Serra do Tombador. One of them, not to be missed, is the Serra Azul Waterfall, with its 50 meters of height, located 85 km from Nobres. To get there, you must face a trail of climbs and descents, with 400 steps. So prepare your breath and the water bottle and get ready, because it is very worthwhile. At the end of the hike, the reward: you get to cool off in the clean waters of the waterfall and can also swim and dive in the company of fish. The place has a restaurant, bathrooms and everything you need for a comfortable trip.

The trip ends at the Duto do Quebó Grotto, where you can make a buoy-cross tour through the rapids and tunnels which are full of stalactites and... bats! But don't worry, they are completely harmless. All is done in complete safety: protective equipment such as helmets, vests and flashlights are required. And the guides monitor the visitors throughout the course, which can end at the restaurant of the location, which serves delicious chicken and other local dishes.

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