The coast of Bahia is the right attraction for those seeking to relax amid beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters.

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It is no new news to anyone, that Bahia has many charms. Also unsurprisingly the coast of Bahia was blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes of Brasil.

For those who want to visit some of these beautiful surroundings, one option is to venture to the south of the State, in a region called the Costa do Descobrimento.

Listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999, the region is considered the cradle of Brazilian history and culture and is surrounded by coves, cliffs, rivers and beaches that provide ideal conditions for contact with nature and with yourself.

Porto Seguro has an airport that receives flights from various cities in Brasil and can be your starting point for a trip that promises to fill your eyes and recover your energy. So come on, towards peace and nature, enjoying a little bit of everything, so that your trip will be unforgettable for the body and for the soul!

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Day 1
Porto Seguro and its charming corners

The Marinho do Recife de Fora Park, a giant natural swimming pool amidst the sea and one of the largest concentration of marine biodiversity of Brasil, is one of the city’s highlights.

You can dive in and see fish, turtles and rare species of corals, and other awesome animals. Nothing better than watching the marine life to relax, don't you think?

The Park is located 45 minutes from the center of Porto Seguro and is accessible by boat - here is another wonderful way to contemplate nature and fill yourself with good vibes, after all, there is no better combination than sun, water, wind and green to make us reflect on how good it is to be alive and to be thankful for that.

Departing from Porto Seguro and heading towards Santa Cruz Cabrália, another stunning destination in Bahia, you will find a huge jackfruit tree trunk that gave its name to a beautiful reserve with native vegetation.

The Jaqueira Reservation has indigenous families that receive visitors dressed and painted according to their traditions.

After getting to know their rituals and customs, you can also buy artisan pieces made by them and eat a baked fish in patioba leaf [patioba = a palm tree used to make nets].

In the end, everyone takes part in the Auê - a typical rite to thank Iamissun, the creator.

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Day 2
Trancoso, one of the jewels of Bahia

Trancoso should be your next stop to enjoy the charms of the south coast of Bahia. To get there, departing from Porto Seguro, take the ferry to Arraial d'Ajuda, and then the road to the village in one of the vans available.

In the charming downtown full of colorful houses, known as the Praça do Quadrado, you can start the walk towards one of the most beautiful beaches in the region: the Praia do Espelho.

Before you leave, take a walk around the plaza, which will conquer you through its simplicity and tranquillity, in an atmosphere that invites relaxation.
Driving to Praia do Espelho, you will drive through 25 km on a dirt road. It is best to arrive early to take advantage of the low tide. Walking in silence, to enjoy the crystal clear waters and feel the light breeze, can be an inspiring experience.

The Praia do Espelho has a calm sea of greenish color, where delightful natural pools are formed. There you can also view coral reef formations and snorkel or dive. In the sand, coconut trees, cliffs and observatories that offer a panoramic view of the whole place.

When you get hungry or thirsty, try one of the tents that serve seafood, exotic drinks and ice cold coconut water.

After a day out surrounded by natural beauty, you can return to the center of Trancoso and take a walk by the Praça do Quadrado, to experience the rustic atmosphere of the city amidst the almond trees, jaqueiras and other ancient trees. During the late afternoon, a soccer field guarantees entertainment for the children.

The numerous bars, with tables outside for those who want to enjoy the view, start to open early evening and candles light the entire plaza, making the city even more charming. A perfect way to end your journey.

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