A trip itinerary through some of the best diving destinations of Rio de Janeiro.

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Rio de Janeiro and its coastline is excellent for diving lovers. Beaches have clear water and many of them are calm which make it perfect for underwater life observation.

These are destinations that you know to preserve nature around the area, providing a rare beauty spectacle from inside and outside of water: several colors, shapes and emotions.

Prepare the mask, snorkel and fins and enjoy this tour through some of the best dive places in the country.

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Armação dos Búzios
Arraial do Cabo
Ilha Grande
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Day 1
Clear Water Sea

To get to Arraial do Cabo, you need to take a plane to Rio de Janeiro and then, take a bus or rent a car.

When the subject is diving, the city is one of the most well-known for this activity, thanks to the clear water sea.

The small Forno Beach has another feature that helps increase the flow of divers: as the name suggests, its waters are warm, more than the other beaches in the area. As well calm with few waves. You can also enjoy some kayaking and stand up paddle (SUP). When you get hungry, you can eat in the floating seafood restaurant.

Farol Beach has colder waters but with good visibility as Forno Beach. It is hard to choose where to look: inside or outside the water. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil, with white sand dunes and blue-green sea. The access is controlled by the Brazilian Navy and you need permission to take a boat provided by the Almirante Paulo Moreira Studies of the Sea Institute.

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Day 2
Turtles, octopuses and lobsters

Less than 40 km from Arraial do Cabo, Buzios became the most famous of the area thanks to a visit of the French actress Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, who fell in love with the city and the spread the word out. No wonder, the coast line was named is in honor of the actress and it houses a bronze statue of her. At night, its sidewalk gets filled with tourists who fill restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Búzios is beautiful on land and at sea. Ferradura Beach is the most famous and it has nice structure for water sports such as stand up paddle (SUP), sailing and kayaking.

Divers will like to visit Ilhote da Brenda, just 200 meters from the beach, where you can observe an enormous diversity of fish, as well as turtles, octopuses, sea horses, lobsters, corals, sponges, algae and sea urchins.

Other great places for practicing are Ferradurinha, Joao Fernandes and Geriba Beaches.

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Day 3
Diving in shipwrecks

It is a long way from Buzios to Ilha Grande: almost 300 km separate the two cities. If you have time, take a break for one day and visit Rio de Janeiro that is along the way. Otherwise, go straight until Conceição de Jacareí, where the crossing boats to the destination are.

The famous beach in the island is Lopes Mendes, on the ocean side. Beautiful, wild and full of waves, it is great for surfing, but not suitable for snorkeling. For this activity, it is best to hire one of the many local tourist agencies. All of them have boat rides on the continental side, with several stops for diving. Some of them offer the equipment with no additional costs.

The highlights are diving in the Pinguino and California shipwreck. In the Lage do Guriri, at Ponta de Castelhanos, under rocks and cavities. The island water is so clear that it is possible to see many fish, turtles and starfish even without special equipment.

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Day 4
From catamaran to bay

Paraty is one of the most charming cities in Rio de Janeiro coast line. Its historical center, with its colonial buildings and its stone streets, is a beauty that deserves to be visited many times. The place also offers an extensive cultural program, with several festivals throughout the year, such as the famous International Literary of Paraty (FLIP).

Paraty also stands out for its beaches. Its bay deserves to be explored, with or without a catamaran ride offered by tourism agencies. In general, the boats depart in the morning and return in the late afternoon, bordering the coast and stopping for swimming and diving in some amazing places. Be sure to bring your equipment because companies do not usually provide or rent.

Some itineraries include the Cachadaço Beach - preserved, quiet and with natural pools where you can swim calmly beside colorful fish. During the summer, it gets busy. For marine life observation, visit Paraty at low season.

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