Santos, São Sebastião and Ilhabela, three great destinations that connect you with nature and beaches on the beautiful coast of São Paulo.

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São Sebastião and Ilhabela are on the north coast of São Paulo and both delight visitors. Its beaches of coarse sand and clear water surrounded by the Atlantic Forest are great for resting, exploring nature and practicing of water sports.

Busy urban beaches or wild and practically deserted beaches. Strong waves or calm sea. Easy accessible places to visit but some it can only be done on foot. São Paulo coast has everything for everyone.

Why don't you enjoy the weekend or holidays exploring the beauties of the region?

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São Sebastião
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Day 1
One of the best diving spots of São Paulo

When we say about exploring the beauties of the region, we are telling the truth because some of the places mentioned herein, such as Marinho Laje de Santos State Park, are beautiful.

You can get to the State Park only by boat; the distance is 25 nautical miles from the coast (about 45 km). It is worth a visit! The place is considered one of the best diving spot of São Paulo which impresses with the visibility that can reach 35 meters under the water which reveals magnificent marine nature such as turtles, fishes, seaweed and not infrequently dolphins, whales and even penguins. The water is cold so be sure to wear insulating clothing.

Upon returning to the city, you can walk around the beach coast line and its 7 km of coast is surrounded by gardens, trees and flowerbeds. You can also try some delicacies cooked on site by local restaurants or you can visit the Municipal Aquarium, one of the main tourist attractions of Santos, which houses about 150 species of marine fauna, such as sharks, rays, turtles, sea lions and even Amazonian fishes such as arapaima and peacock bass.

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Day 2
For those who want to party (but also for those who love peace and quiet)

São Sebastião is in front of the paradisiac Ilhabela but do not think that it is the only reason to visit the city.

If you want to party, you need to visit the famous Maresias Beach. Young people and surfers favorite place, it has great kiosks and bars infrastructure, open until dawn. Due to its great waves, Maresias is known for being a surfing center and hosts many international championships.

On the other hand, if you are looking for peace and quiet, you will find it too in the city. Juqueí Beach is between the blue sea and green of the Atlantic Forest, in a calm sea paradisiacal scenario, perfect for families and kids that can also enjoy the good options of local restaurants. The beach is calm, except the right corner because of its strong waves, good for surfing.

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Day 3
Among aquatic life and shipwrecks

To get to Ilhabela only by ferry that departs from São Sebastião. The boats depart every half hour from 5:30am to 11:30pm, and it takes only 15 minutes trip.

Divers will love its several great spots for marine life observation. One of them is Ilha das Cabras (Island of Cabras). Located in the Submarino Ecological Sanctuary, it reveals to the explorer an enormous diversity of underwater fauna and flora, such as corals, seahorses, sponges, anemones and dozens of species of fish; or you can explore the human presence with its remains of shipwrecks and enjoy the Statute of Neptune, 7 meters deep.

Gato Waterfall is another lovely tourist attraction of Ilhabela - perfect to enjoy the experience with nature, walking through the Atlantic Forest. To get to the Gato Waterfall, you will need to face a 1 hour-half hiking trail from Castelhanos Beach to reach its 50 meters fall and natural pools. Make sure to swim among the clean and fresh water. Enjoy this unique moment with the gorgeous nature of the region.

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