If you want a trip that mixes together beautiful beaches and the practice of sports, Florianópolis and its outskirts have exactly what you're looking for.

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The capital of the state of Santa Catarina and its neighboring towns, such as Imbituba and Bombinhas, offer options of sports for athletes of all levels. There are perfect places for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, rafting, diving, floating, gliding, hiking and much more. All while enjoying the incredible nature of the region.

The proposed programming is ideal for a three-day weekend. However, if you have more time, better yet, because there is much more to discover in the coast of Santa Catarina.

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Day 1
The waves seen from within, the city viewed from above

The capital of Santa Catarina is an island with 42 beaches and a coastline with over 170 km, which ensures a great diversity of landscapes and leisure options for all tastes.

If you feel like surfing, grab your surfboard and head to the white sands of Praia da Joaquina, the trendiest in the island. Its long and strong waves are perfect for the practice of this sport, and have several times been the stage for the world surfing championship. Joaquina is also ideal for sandboarding, which is surfing over sand dunes.

Nearby is another beach where surfers like to hang out (and which is equally trendy): Praia Mole. Its waves, much like Joaquina’s, are great for those who like to stand on a surfboard. Those who prefer air over water will also be pleased, because from there, hang gliders can launch and see from above the wonders of the island.

The two beaches are close to Lagoa da Conceição, which has calm waters on which it is possible to have Stand Up Paddle (SUP) classes, the one sport in which one rows while standing on top of a surfboard. The pond is adjacent to the city center, which gathers cafes, restaurants and, for those who still have energy after all that activity, several nightclubs.

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Day 2
Watching whales and fish

In addition to Florianópolis, the coast of Santa Catarina offers many surprises and beautiful landscapes to visitors, like the city of Bombinhas, 70 km from the capital of the State, an about 1-hour trip.

One of them is the incredible variety of fish and sea animals that live or reproduce around there, thanks to the merging of two ocean currents: one hot, Brazilian, and the other cold, coming from the South. It is common to see in its waters penguins, whale sharks and humpback whales, which makes it the ideal place for diving. Praia da Sepultura is one of the places that is most sought-after for this practice, but to get your own portion of sand, make sure to arrive early, as the beach is less than 100m wide.

Mariscal Beach, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Its strong waves attract many surfers and its wide sand strip is an invite for long and carefree walks.

In the late afternoon, there’s no better activity than hiking to the top of Morro do Macaco. After the 30-minute walk, visitors are rewarded with an impressive view of the city and of the Sunset. Remember to wear sneakers and to take water, because the trail has moderate difficulty and there are no kiosks or shops up there.

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Day 3
One of the most beautiful beaches in the world

90 km from Florianópolis, Imbituba houses countless wonders. The most famous is Praia do Rosa, the only Brazilian beach that figures on the list of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World. Perfect for surfing, windsurfing and horseback riding, it is also the ideal place for watching the southern right whale, which may be seen mainly between the months of June and November.

Very close by is Lagoa da Ibiraquera, which is great for sports that require calm waters, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP and canoeing. Its scenery of sand dunes, vegetation and mountains is an attraction in itself.

Praia Vermelha, on the other hand, is perfect for those who enjoy pristine nature. To get there, the only way is a trail of approximately 30 minutes, amid the stunning landscape that mixes together Atlantic Forest and the sea. Take food and water, because there is nowhere to buy them there.

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