The state of Pará has a breathtaking nature and is very popular for sport fishing lovers.

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Brazil has a great potential for sport fishing because of its large and plentiful rivers and extensive coastline. Sport fishing is very common in several states of Brazil, mainly in the states of Amazonas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro. The sport attracts Brazilian and foreign amateurs and professionals who seek to combine fishing, entertainment and ecological awareness.

The state of Pará is also among the most popular destinations for fishing tourism, thanks to rivers where nature is abundant, as well as the diversity of aquatic life. This 2-day itinerary - which can be extended, takes you to the best destinations for sport fishing: Santarém e Altamira.

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Day 1
Fishing in the Xingu River

The best way to get to Altamira is by plane. The city has an airport, 7 km from downtown, and receives daily flights from several parts of Brazil.

Altamira is the largest city in Brazil (more extensive than 10 Brazilian states and many countries, so large that it has two time zones) and is in the banks of the Xingu River, a region of beautiful and wild nature so admire and impressive. Before fishing, it is worth to visit Cais do Porto, renovated with restaurants, bars, and playgrounds, sports courts and much more. It is one of the meeting spot of the city. Another place to visit is the Mirante Square where you see a beautiful view of the city and the Xingu River.

The scenery of waterfalls, freshwater beaches and Amazon Rain Forest impresses and creates a special environment for sports fishing, which can be carried out in Xingu and in Iriri, another important river of the region. Over there, it is common to find large fish, as Atlantic tarpon, sea bass, peacock bass and coal fish, as well as giant migratory catfish, desirable by fishermen from all over the world.

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Day 2
Fishing in Tapajós River

Another important destination in Pará, the city of Santarém is 500 km from Altamira. The Transamazônica road connects the two places but the best way to get there is by plane.

Once you arrive in the city of Santarém, drive to the Alter do Chão. It is about 38 km away. Known as the Amazonian Caribbean because of the color of its water, the village is on the banks of the Tapajós River, a paradise of nature and beaches.

Fishermen can enjoy the boat departures chartered for this purpose. It can happen during the day and night, and in some boats, you can spend the night on board.

The best time for fishing in Tapajó River is during the dry season, between the months of August and November. During these months, the region is even more beautiful, because pools and beaches appear such as Ponta do Cururu, great place for resting. In addition, during this time it is possible to catch large fish, such as the peacock bass, who always hangs a long struggle against the fisherman.

One of the features of sport fishing is that the fisherman does not depend on it for their livelihood. Therefore, it has been increasingly encouraged the catch and release, a practice within recreational fishing intended as a technique of conservation.

At the end of the trip, you will return with great memories of the forest and its nature and with many stories to tell. Whether the stories are true or not, it will depend on your skill with the hook.

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