Discover the incredible coastline of Brazil's sunniest state.

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Ceará has 573 km of coastline. In some cities, like the capital Fortaleza, the sun shines more than 200 days a year (data from 2014). It is a perfect destination for those who want to swim at the sea in any season.

There are urban and wild beaches. Calm water, busy and deserted beaches. Some of them are in this 4-day tour itinerary, which brings some of the wonders that the state has to offer.

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Jijoca de Jericoacoara
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Day 1

The trip starts at Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará. Praia do Futuro (Futuro Beach) is the favorite place of the inhabitants and visitors: in its 8 km coast line you will find clean waters, white sands, many waves, freshwater showers and many kiosks and restaurants (some of them with pools). That is the reason why attracts families as well as surfers and sailors.

On Thursdays, there is the Quinta do Caranguejo (Crab Thursday). At the time, coastline tents serving huge crustaceans. On other days, it is snapper dish, a common fish in the coast line of Ceará.

After beach, be sure to visit Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture, a place that gathers exhibition halls, art gallery, theater, planetarium, movie theater and hosts several concerts and shows. There are shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is the perfect place for those looking for fun and culture.

Dragão do Mar is in the Iracema neighborhood, near to Iracema beach. It is worth take a tour by its sidewalks and enjoys the sunset from the Ingleses Bridge or Metálica Bridge, where it has a beautiful view of the coast line.

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Day 2
There is Broadway in Ceará

The second destination is Aracati, 150 km from Fortaleza. You can get there by car or by bus. There is a bus line that leaves several times a day.

In Aracati is one of the most famous beaches in Ceará: Canoa Quebrada. The former fishing village was discovered as a tourist destination in the 1960s, when movie makers from French New Wake (nouvelle ague) got there.

Despite attracting many visitors, Canoa Quebrada retains much of its original rustic atmosphere. You can see rafts in the sea. Colorful cliffs which contribute for the place reputation are still there: beautifully preserved.

On the beach, kiosks offer freshly fish and seafood dishes brought daily by fishermen. You can order your meal and go for a buggy ride while your meal is being cooked. Isn't it nice?

Next to the beach is the Canoa Quebrada village, a great place to visit after a day at sea. The downtown shops sell local handicrafts. And the restaurants, some of them run by international chefs, serve delicious meals. Its main street, called Broadway, gathers bars, nightclubs and concert halls that close when the sun rises.

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Great for

Caminhada, Comfort Inn

Day 3
Nautical tourism

Caucaia is one of the most sought places by water sports lover and is 35 km from Fortaleza. The city houses the famous beach reference for kitesurfing for its perfect conditions for practicing: Cumbuco Beach.

Do not worry if you do not enjoy water sports because the beach offers many other activities such as buggy ride through the sand dunes, rafting ride in the sea warm water or you can just relax and enjoy the lovely landscape of the place.

Amid the sand dunes is the busy Banana Lake, full of kayaking, jet-skiing and windsurfing practitioners. It is a great place to rest and to take the children who have fun in the pool slides. If you get hungry, do not hesitate to have some food at the tents which prepare delicious recipes from Ceará cuisine.

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Day 4
Sand dunes

Jericoacoara is the 4th best beach in the world according to the American newspaper Huffington Post.

Despite the title, the fishing village lifestyle is very busy. Jericoacoara is 250 km from Fortaleza. Its streets are made by sand and there is no street lighting. There's a good explanation for it: first, you only get there by 4x4 vehicles; second, the place became a National Park which ensures the preservation of its nature.

Once you visit the city, you cannot miss its warm and crystal clear water lagoons, great for swimming. Jijoca is known by its lakes: rustic Azul Lake and better structured Paraíso Lake. Both share the same surface water, very popular for kitesurfing practitioners.

Jericoacoara beach is the next attraction where you can walk in the sand for 4 km until the popular Pedra Furada. At low tide, it is possible to observe fish in the consisting natural aquariums.

Make your way back in time to watch a lovely sunset at the sand dunes; a wonderful Mother Nature show that attracts tourists and inhabitants.

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