3 days in Guarapari, Vitória and Aracruz.

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Espírito Santo has one of the most beautiful - and perhaps less known - coastlines in Brazil. Throughout its coast, there are beautiful beaches for all audiences.

In this tour itinerary, you will meet three of its incredible destination. Some are practically empty when it's not holidays and high season (from December to February). But you can enjoy Espírito Santo in any season because the sun shines in almost all year.

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Day 1
Walking around the city

If you come from neighboring states, you can get to Guarapari by bus. For those who live farther it is better take a plane to Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, and rent a car, take a taxi or local bus. There are bus lines that connect both cities and good condition seaside road along 60 km trip.

Guarapari is a destination of many beaches. The best way to know the beaches close to downtown is on foot - 5 km walking.

We start our tour at the quiet Areia Preta Beach. Its monazite sand is darkened and indicated for joint diseases treatments such as rheumatism and arthritis. It is very popular among elderly who cover their bodies with the sand and get some medicinal properties help.

Castanheiras Beach is near, separated only by a square. Shaded by large chestnut trees and protected by rocks, it is quiet and attracts many families mainly children, who love to play in its natural pools. There are several kiosks that prepare local specialties such as fried grey triggerfish and the famous moqueca capixaba (typical dish of Espírito Santo which is made with fish stew in coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and some palm oil, cooked in handmade clay pots). Perfect meal to recovery your energy.

After your meal, cross the bridge that connects the downtown to other neighborhoods. One of them is Morro Beach neighborhood where is the homonym beach and the largest and most sought beach in the city. Its open sea with lots of wave is perfect for surfing. The place has nice structure with multi-sports courts, bike paths, kiosks and cultural shows attract many tourists, who make the place busy during the summer.

Now, after a lot of walking, what about seat in front the sea, ask for coconut water and enjoy the view?

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Day 2
History and Nature

Take the Rodovia do Sol to Vitória. However, before we arrive to the beach, let's visit other tourist attraction that worth a visit.

The first place is the Anchieta Palace, headquarter of the state government. Its building recreates 1551 atmosphere when the Jesuit priests built the São Tiago Church. The place has a beautiful view of Port of Vitória and houses the symbolic tomb of Anchieta Father, the initiator of Christianity in Brazil.

Not far from there is the Fonte Grande Park, the best place to watch the Vitória from above and to truly feel the city, which is an island in fact. There are many lookouts with gorgeous views and second-growth forest area where you can find species of Atlantic Forest fauna and flora.

After this tour, it is time to swim at the sea. Camburi Beach is the largest and best known in Vitória. Its 6 km of urban coast line offers great stand up paddle (SUP) port to visitors: kiosks serving drinks and snacks, bike path, skating and roller skating tracks. Since it is a windy place, it is perfect for practicing of water sports, like windsurfing and kitesurfing.

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Day 3
From Atlantic Forest to Beach

Aracruz is about 80 km, by BR-101 road, from Vitória. Our first stop is in the Aricanga Municipal Park, a preservation area rich in biodiversity. The place is perfect for hiking among the nature where you can see species of the Atlantic Forest reminiscent flora and fauna. Other attraction is Aricanga Hill: 580 meters high, a perfect place for paragliding, mountain climbing, climbing and rappelling.

In the afternoon, the best thing to do is relaxing at the amazing Barra do Sahy Beach. Located in a fishing community, it has clear and calm waters; great for children and some areas with strong waves pleases the surfers. It gets busy during the summer when tourists occupied all its sand and kiosks. During the low season, it is practically desert.

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