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Brazil is the land of the carnival, of course! And football? Most definitely! But Brazil is so much more. It offers unique gastronomy, with a profusion of flavours, along with a welcoming and multicultural people that make any Brit feel right at home. Brazil is also a lot more than its people.

There are 6 biomes that form vast stretches of nature to explore and more than 7,000 kilometres of beaches to enchant you while you relax and enjoy complete safety.

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Sometimes Brazilians say no when they mean yes. They’ll refuse to tell you something, but actually really want to tell you. Seems odd, right? But with these tips you’ll learn a little about the Portuguese spoken in Brazil and prepare for your trip!

What are you hoping for more of on your trip?

More Ecotourism and Adventure?

Brazil is bursting with lush landscapes and unforgettable experiences. If you’re looking for destinations that offer contact with nature, there are some incredible places for you to visit here.

More Beaches and Sun?

Beaches considered among the world’s most beautiful, contagious energy, destinations with paradisaical backdrops and loads more for you to discover.

More Culture?

Brazil boasts a rich and diverse culture. Colours, rhythms, dances, histories, customs, traditions and so much more! Come along and see for yourself. 

More Gastronomy?

Mouth-watering flavours, unique cuisines and traditional fare. Come and discover the gastronomical wonders that await you in Brazil. 


Brazilian Portuguese is the official language.

A visa is a document granted by the Consular Representations of Brazil abroad that allows foreigners to enter and stay in the country.

To enter and stay in Brazil, the citizens of the United Kingdom and European Union countries are exempted from entry visas for Brazil and only need to present their passports. A visit visa can be granted for tourism, business, transit, artistic or sporting activities, and the stay may not exceed ninety days.

For more information about visas, check the or contact the nearest Brazilian Consulate.

Brazil’s electrical voltage varies between 110V and 220V depending on the location. Most Brazilian hotels provide for both voltages, while portable transformers can be found in a variety of specialized stores.

N-type sockets and three-pin plugs are used as standard in Brazil. For safety, sockets are recessed, so that power only connects and passes when plugs are fully inserted into the socket, preventing accidental contact with energized plugs.

To connect a direct international call, dial 00 + operator’s code* + country code + area code + telephone number. For direct or collect calls abroad, with the aid of bilingual operators, dial 0800 703 2111.

*Check at the hotel reception about operator codes enabled for international calls.

Brazil covers four different time zones. Brasília Time (BRT) is the national standard and corresponds to three hours behind GMT.

The climate is predominantly tropical, with a few variations of around 28ºC in the North and around 20ºC in the South.

Most bars and restaurants include a 10% service charge on your bill. When a tip is not included in the service charge, the usual rate is between 10% and 15 % of the bill amount.

Air Transport Network


  • LHR – GIG • 4 Weekly flights
  • LHR – GRU • 7 Weekly flights


  • LHR – GRU • 7 Weekly flights