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Amazon Rainforest

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The world’s largest rain forest, with 4 million hectares, has one of the richest biodiversity on the planet, with 40 thousand plant species and 300 species of mammals, and covers nine Brazilian states. Its monumental figures and its enormous relevance in global climate balance ensured the region the title of World Natural Heritage by Unesco.

The region was settled by various European peoples, who left as inheritance a rich cultural collection in the main cities. Outside the urban axis, you will find traditional riverside and quilombola communities. Tourism has hosting tours and adventure in the woods, observation of species, experiential tourism in communities, boating trips on the rivers and fabulous freshwater beaches.

The folklore, which appears in popular festivals, such as the Parintins Festival, and the peculiar gastronomy of the region, which keeps the richness of the forest, such as the açaí palm, are some of the attractions of the amazing Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest It is a Biome

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