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One of the largest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world, Pantanal is a biome that covers the States of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. The conservation area is considered by Unesco a World Natural Heritage and Biosphere Reserve.

Pantanal houses a wide diversity of species, such as the alligator (symbol of the biome), piranha, jaguar, as well as a multitude of fish. These characteristics have transformed the Pantanal in an excellent ecotourism and sport fishing pole.

The grass-covered plains attracted cattle breeders from other parts of Brazil, who, together with indigenous peoples, the old inhabitants of the place, formed the ethnic and cultural miscegenation of Pantanal. As a result, the tourism experience is strongly influenced by this miscegenation.

You will be able to meet indigenous communities, to stay on farms and taste, for example, dishes made of alligator, local barbecue and tererê (mate ice tea cream in a bowl made with ox horn).

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