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Goiás is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

The State of Goiás stands out due to its economic growth, mainly from livestock and agriculture. Goiás cuisine is also a reference in Brazil, and has delicious delicacies such as the Goiás state pie, and the pamonha, besides the pequi, guariroba and corn ice cream.

Cities in Goiás such as Caldas Novas, with its warm waters, and Pirenópolis, full of historical buildings and waterfalls, including the Abade and the Lázaro, attract tourists from all over the world.

Ecotourism is also practiced in places like the Emas National Park, home to jaguars, maned wolves and giant anteaters, and in Alto Paraíso, gateway to stunning waterfalls such as Almécegas and the Vale da Lua, and the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, declared by Unesco as a Natural Heritage of humanity.

Goiana's culture is rich with festivals such as the Divino Espírito Santo and Cavalhadas, with literature from Cora Coralina, with film and art festivals, and its famous country music.

Goiás is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units