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Piauí is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

The State of Piauí has one of the most beautiful beach stretches in Brazil: the famous Delta do Rio Parnaíba, formed by more than 70 islands that blend in with rivers, streams, creeks, and ponds.

Also, located in Piauí is the largest amount of archaeological sites of Brazil, the Serra da Capivara, whose National Park was listed as a World Heritage and impresses by its natural and cultural attributes.

Besides visiting Delta, you must check out the sunset on Pedra do Sal, visit the tourist terminal Porto das Barcas and cool off in the Lagoa do Portinho.

The population of Piauí present a mix of black, white and indigenous races and its economy is based on agricultural activity.

This mix transpires in the taipa houses covered with buriti straw, on rafts on the coast and in the carnauba straw crafts men and the cowboys.

Piaui’s folk dances are all very spontaneous and simple, but always surprising.

Piauí is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units