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Tocantins is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

Created in 1989, Tocantins calls attention for its natural beauties like rivers, plateaus and mountain ranges. Its indigenous population is divided into seven ethnic groups adding up to more than 10 thousand Indians.

Despite its young age, the State has an ancient culture and preserves that tradition in folk dances and religious parties.

The State capital, Palmas, was planned and has an excellent life quality. The city lake, with 180 km in length, has excellent potential for sport fishing.

Bananal Island, located in Tocantins, is the largest fluvial island in the world. Submerged during most of the year, it has a rich biodiversity since it is the meeting point between the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado.

For those who enjoy ecotourism, Jalapão is the ideal attraction, with its trees with twisted branches and crystal clear rivers, in a landscape formed by dunes, plateaus, waterfalls and trails. The site is also much sought after by those who enjoy adventure and offers options to practice rappelling, climbing, surfing, trekking and canoeing.

Tocantins is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units